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Project | 01

Bourbon Barrel Loft - Building Photography
This project involved me photographing the newly-renovated Bourbon Barrel Loft in downtown Bardstown, KY. Featuring prominently on Bardstown's historic 3rd Street and right in the heart of Bourbon country, it was a great opportunity to capture the unique style that made up this great place.
Since photographing the Loft, the owners Keene and Cathy have seen a great uptick in business, and have had the place feature multiple times in highest rated places to stay in Bardstown and during Bourbon week. 
Check out the loft here:

Bourbon Barrel Loft

Project | 02

"Connecting Our Community" - Organizational Culture Campaign

This campaign proposed beneficial changes for the Community Foundation of Louisville, proposing a hypothetical new venture to increase engagement between the organization and the greater Louisville community. The proposal came about from extensive look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT), Needs, and current structure of the Organization, in an effort to identify opportunities for growth.

This was a great opportunity and great cause to work with, and the Foundation ultimately adopted some of the aspects of our proposal into their digital strategy. During the process, I worked to create a new logo, website, website content, and video for the project (which can all be seen at the link below) which was a fantastic opportunity to work within the existing structure and style that the Community Foundation has already established.


Further below is the link to the written documentation that supports the campaign.

Website: HERE

Full Analysis and Written Justification: HERE

Project | 03

An American Journey - Interactive Story

A modern adaptation of the idea of the pick-your-own adventure story, this all-ages project explores the combination of interactive storytelling with digital media, allowing the audience to make choices from the perspective of a newly-arrived immigrant in America.


Following the true events of one family's journey, this story seeks to promote empathy and compassion while subverting modern cynicism of what it means to flee to America.

Story: HERE

Project | 04

Surveillance and Digital Citizenship - Scalar Wiki Site

As part of a Digital Media course, I created a wiki site on surveillance and privacy through USC's Scalar publishing platform, an open source program for visualizing academic research.


I designed and constructed the site to inform young adults about the history and pervasiveness of surveillance in the United States. I also created a series of simple, informational videos to provide a helpful resource for privacy protection.

Scalar / Wiki: HERE

Project | 04

Play Like A Boy - Website / Campaign

This project explores the media stereotyping of young men and boys, examining the nature of its construction and propagation, and the effects this has on male youth development. 

Representation in the media is a keen interest of mine, and this website explored a hypothetical campaign to examine what it means to be young and male in media and media communities (e.g. gaming sites), backed by extensive academic research.

Website: HERE

To see more or discuss possible work, contact me >>
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